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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Snapshot- OCBC Skywalk, Gardens by the Bay

Hey everyone, I'm back with another Saturday Snapshot*. I'm taking you on my trip to the OCBC Skywalk, in Singapore. This Skywalk is in between two "Super-trees", that are made of strong metal, and are a prominent part of the Singapore skyline.
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View from atop the skywalk. This view is of the more secluded part of "Gardens by the Bay"

Another attraction at Gardens by the Bay. I'm not sure whether this is the Flower Dome or the cloud forest

Some pretty blooms near the supertree grove 

The supertrees as seen from the sky walk 


  1. Sky walks are wonderful scary exciting things aren't they?

    1. Yes they are- when they shake I get really nervous, but they are great nevertheless.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Whew! You are braver than I am!

    1. I doubt that...I was pretty nervous too!
      On my way to your blog right now. Thanks for stopping by mine

  3. I'm always a mix of emotions when I walk these things.

  4. I have not done many, but they are breathtaking!

  5. Beautiful scenes. I'd love to visit Gardens by the Bay myself, but I've have to work up some courage to try the skywalk.

  6. I love the supertrees. They are amazing.

  7. Wow! What amazing views! Both the natural and the man-made features are all beautiful & unique. What a great experience - loving your pics of places I;ve never been to!


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