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Sunday, July 10, 2016


The room is dark,
Lit only by the embers
Of a dying fire

The young maiden
Lifts her gaze
From the soil she lies on
To the thatched roof 
That protects her

For there, she sees
A glimmer of light
Guidance she feels
Provided by the one with the power

It was in reality
A tear in her cover
That startled her ponder
With the rays of the day

But when guidance was needed
Guidance she saw
Refusing to accept 
That it was she who gave herself
The guidance she required

-Poem Fanatic

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed that poem. I've been wanting to start an active community on my blog for a while- and I decided to start today! A lot of the poems I write target issues like peer pressure and identity, while others are more light hearted. I'd love to know what you think of my poems and the message that underlies them. Comment below, and we can start a discussion!

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