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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lovely Tree by Rita Reed

Hey Everyone, I'm back with another Poetry Appreciation post. This won't be a very long review, in accordance with the length of the poem, and instead will simply point out a few things in the writing of this poem.
  I was surfing through a list of modern-day poems when I came across this one. It struck me immediately, and stood out for all the right reasons. The poet personifies the sun, the wind and a tree and does it very well. I was drawn into her short descriptions and her casually dominant use of imagery.

 I'd love it if we could start a discussion about certain poems. I'd like to do a test run of "Talk Time on Thursday", encouraging you readers to do short reviews or comment on poetry. We can start a discussion in the comments section below, allowing everyone to present their opinions. If this is successful, then maybe we can continue with poems that you recommend!
  Lovely tree,
wild winds of winter combed
your black and twining hair.
When dawn blinked
You emerged 
softly capped in ermine,
star-kissed with diamonds. 
Wind's sharp breath caught in his throat 
and sun, stricken sun, 
can't turn his eye from you.

By Rita Reed

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