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Fanatic Feels

 Hey everyone! My name is Poem Fanatic. I'm a middle school student in India, and as you may have guessed, I absolutely love books and poetry. Some of my other posts will show you that I also like art. I'm really into music. I play the piano, clarinet, harmonium and I used to play the recorder when I was younger.
 This blog is an outlet for me to express myself. I analyze books and poems, write my own poems and occasionally share information about my favourite websites. I also participate in Saturday Snapshot, and IMWAYR, two memes that help me interact with you lovely readers!

Poem or Prose?
A lot of times I question myself as to whether I prefer poetry or prose. I honestly don't have an answer to that question! I read prose more often than I read poetry- although I've been reading a lot more poems because of the blog.
 I don't write prose, although I enjoy writing poetry very much! If I'm knackered and about to crash, I'll probably pick up a book, because most require a little less comprehension than metaphorical poems. If I'm wide awake, and need to write a post, or stimulate my mind, poetry is the path I'll go down.
 In a nutshell- I prefer writing poems, and reading prose.

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