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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Latin Dance

Swish, swoosh,
The fabric gleams,
Catching the light,
As the skirt fans out

She bends her knee,
Striking a confident pose,
She lifts her gaze,
Threatening anyone who 
Dare Meet her eyes

Her ankles tease the crowd,
Dressed in heels of 
Phenomenal height,
As she steps proudly towards
Her tall, stiking partner

Swathed in exquisite cloth,
She moves her hips rapidly
Confusing her fabric,
Confounding her audience

She twirls, her skirt twists,
Red imprints in the mind
Of the thousands
Of impressed viewers
Of her Latin Dance

-Poem Fanatic


  1. ohhh I love this one! I'm a Latin/Spanish dancer [flamenco, salsa, etc] so right into my soul! :)

    1. I got the inspiration from some old pictures of mine- I used to live in Latin America!


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