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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Challenge Update

The Big Book Summer Challenge is a challenge hosted by bookbybook. I have mentioned the blog in another post, so you can read that here. The challenge is to read one or more " Big Books"[ anything over 400 pages] this summer.
  The challenge started on May 22nd, and ends on September 7th. I am starting really late, but I have only just found a book over 400 pages that I would like to read. I am reading Agatha Christie's " Death on the Nile", which is 416 pages. I plan to read only this one book, but if I end up reading another book, I will be sure to post an update. If you want to join the challenge, you can do so here.
 I hope you join and challenge yourself this summer. I'll try to post some updates on the book as well, but they will just be short progress reports.
Well, it's time to start reading...
  Challenge poster


  1. Yay! Welcome to the Big Book Summer Challenge! So glad you decided to join :) Death on the Nile sounds perfect - I read some Agatha Christie novels in high school but don't think I ever read this very famous one - hope you enjoy it!

    By the way, you left your link for this post in the "reviews" section on the challenge page. Do you mind in the link list for "2015 Big Book Summer Challenge Participants"? Then you can leave your review link for Death on the Nile in the Review list when you write it. Thanks!

    Glad you joined the fun!


    2015 Big Book Summer Challenge

  2. Thanks Sue. Excited to be reading for another challenge.
    You see, I don't do many reading challenges.

    How do I change my link to the participants section?

    Poetic Fanatic

    1. Not sure exactly how to remove a link - there should be a little "edit" icon somewhere near it - but you can leave that one where it is - that's no problem. Just add it again to the Participants link list which is right above the Reviews link list.

      BTW, do you have a Twitter account? I was going to mention your joining the challenge on Twitter and can include your Twitter link if you have one.



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