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Thursday, July 13, 2017


To paint requires the stroke,
Of a dark-tinted brush, 
For the completion of a masterpiece

To compose requires the touch,
Of a discordant note, 
For the rendition of a melody

To narrate requires the voice, 
Of an obvious villain,
For the context of a tale

To dance requires the landing,
Of a heavy foot upon the floor,
For the movement of a piece

To act requires the pain,
Of a guilt-stricken character,
For the drama of the play

To learn requires the mistake,
Of a well-meaning student
For the betterment of a life

The discordance,
That comes naturally,
And that cannot be feigned
Must not be reprimanded

This darkness is but a blimp
On the light that shines,
From all our efforts,
And the knowledge we gain,
From our temporary discordance

-Poem Fanatic

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