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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday- Mother's Day Freebie

Hey guys! Today's TTT theme is "Mother Freebie". The Broke and the Bookish have left the list up to us once again, and today I'm going to be breaking the list down into a few categories.

Best Books where the Mother Grieves:
I know it's a weird title, but what I mean is best books where the mother loses her chance to be a mother. So here are my Top 3 books in this category.

1. The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman- This is a tricky one, because technically Isabel becomes a temporary mother in the story. It was never something that could've lasted. Nevertheless, this Australian, post-war story shakes you to the very core.

2. Life Without Summer by Lynne Griffin-The mother in this story loses her young daughter while she is at school. The suffering and pain that is shown in the novel can be hard to bear, but it punctuates every word and accentuates every sentence.

3. Night Road by Kristin Hannah- This book doesn't focus on just the grief, or on just the mother. It revolves around a car accident and three high-school best friends. It's one of my favourite books.

The next category is "Best Books Where the Mother is Eccentric". Now I don't mean eccentric really, I mean books where the mother looks, acts, or thinks crazy!

4. When You Reach me by Rebecca Stead-  She dresses with more color than her tween, and she exclaims louder than the entire neighbourhood. This mom is definitely eccentric!

5. Chocolat by Joanne Harris- Now, I wouldn't say that she's eccentric, just that she breaks ALL the rules!

"Over-bearing Mom"
6. While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky- The local athlete has had an accident, and the mother thinks it's her fault. Why? She was more passionate than her daughter. There's a lot more to this book than my description, and I absolutely loved it!

"Confused Mom"
7. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia- As the main character struggles with Schizophrenia, her mother's only plan is to lock her away and deny her any chance of a future. Say no to college, friends and to a career. Say yes, to an asylum. 

I didn't really know what else to put in my list, so I'm going to stop at 7 this week. Hope you guys enjoyed- I can't wait to see your lists!


  1. I like your take on the list! Really want to read Chocolat, I liked the film a lot :)

    1. I really enjoyed the movie as well!

      Thanks for stopping by Catherine!

  2. Such a creative idea for this list! I find some mums make bad decisions, but they are put in tricky situations. They struggle too!

    Another one you could add to the list is June's mum in Tell the Wolves I'm Home. Her attitude towards certain things are negative, but there's so much reason and suffering behind it.

    Great post!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Vena, I've never read "Tell The Wolves I'm Home"!

  3. I agree with Vena. This was a very good twist on this weeks' topic. I haven't read any of the books on your list yet, but Made You Up sounds interesting.

    Here is my TTT.

    1. Made You Up is a very unique book, with an interesting take on schizophrenia. Hope you enjoy it Astilbe!

  4. What a great list! :-) Very unique!

  5. You made me go check out Night Road, and now it's on my TBR! =)
    Sam @ WLABB

    1. I'm so glad Sam! I love when people actually pick up a book I talk about on my blog!


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