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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Risk

Vivid green, not beautiful, 
but Electric!
In a pool seeped in acid.

Dip your fingers in, 
Then your hand
Dip your toes in, 
Then your feet

Feel the vibration,
Through your toes,
Push in further till your knees,

Electric! The risk will burn you out,
Delve further into the risk
Explore the liquid,
Feel the pain!

Tiled and painted,
The Pool is attractive,
Green and smoldering, 
You no longer are

The risk was great,
The adrenaline too,
You shall never feel it again,
For the pool drained you

-Poem Fanatic


  1. Oooh, that is a good one! It's very visual. Is the water actually radioactive? Or does it just look that way because of the tiles and sunlight? Love this!

    1. I imagined that the water was radioactive while writing it, but the way you interpret the poem is completely up to you!

  2. great sci-fi/fantasy imagery poem! Loved it. Great story too. Love the end.


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