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Thursday, April 27, 2017


False, is the smoothness of your face,
That brushes and creams,
Help you portray;
Disguised, is the uniqueness,
The character, of your face

The confidence is temporary,
The attraction fleeting,
The power is a possibility,
The addiction is permanent

To be more confident,
Various others  may use it
To be more beautiful,
In their own eyes

To further yourself, 
In the eyes of another
To portray yourself as you aren't,
Is still acceptable though,
Not what was intended

To further yourself permanently,
Without accepting your reality,
Is to make yourself unreal
For all eternity.

-Poem Fanatic


  1. So good! I like this one a lot. Makes me feel better about not wearing makeup all the time.

    1. Thanks Lisa, that was my intention- to remind us of who we really are.


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