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Thursday, June 9, 2016

They'll remain

There's a path
That we must follow
There's a road
That's been marked

There are walls 
To keep us safe
There are doors
To free us again

There are houses
To host our needs
There are homes
For our memories

But there's also trees
And leaves
And colourful birds
Flower and butterflies
Wasps and Bees

Mountains, Deserts
Snow and Rain
None of these are man-made
They're still there
At the end of the day

The path will disappear
The paint will fade
The walls come crumbling down
But the birds, they'll remain

-Poem Fanatic


  1. A poem that shows the truth about nature and how we should appreciate it.

    1. Bapu, dat really you? do you have a blog too?

    2. Bapu, dat really you? do you have a blog too?

  2. Thanks! That's what I was going for :P
    Welcome to the blog! Hope you'll stick around!


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