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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

 Publication Date: March 18th 2003
Genre: Thriller, Suspense
My Goodreads Rating: 4/5
Source: Own Copy

Hey guys! I'm back with another update for my Big Book Challenge of 2016. This challenge is hosted by Bookbybook. If you're unsure of what it is- you can check it out here.  The first Big Book I read was "Inferno" by Dan Brown*. Someone had gifted it to me- and I started reading it without realizing that it was part of a series- the Robert Langdon series.
 Inferno was in fact the fourth book in the series. Fortunately, my parents had the 2nd and 3rd books at home already, so I found two more big books to read this summer. "The Da Vinci Code" is the 2nd book in the series.

  This series follows a Harvard art/religious symbology professor through various adventures that are based on clues hidden in art works. Although it may sound like a plain old mystery novel, the books I've read so far are engrossing and require you to think about symbols and art works mentioned previously in the book. Both Inferno and Da Vinci Code taught me a lot about Christianity, Symbology, Renaissance and Art.
Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man
  Set in Paris, this novel is the epitome of suspense, adventure and mystery. Although I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Inferno, I loved the fast-paced story and the dynamic characters. I especially enjoyed the ending- a surprise of the kind that can be expected from an Agatha Christie novel.
 The novel is centered around the murder of a Louvre curator- Jacques Sauniere. It is discovered that Sauniere has placed himself on the floor in an attempt to recreate Da Vinci's Vitruvian man. Langdon joins Sauniere's Granddaughter in an adventure to discover why Langdon's presence was requested at the investigation, and why Jacques was murdered.
 Finding clues in Da Vinci's most famous art works, Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon unearth the mystery behind Jacques death. On this journey, secret societies such as the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei are discovered, and Sophie gets a proper education about the history of Christianity. The quest turns into one of the Grail.
 This book isn't one of mythology- it's one of theoretical history. It suggests that Jesus Christ was made divine after his crucification by the Pagan Churches. We know that Christ was actually alive- but the book shows us theories of his marriage, and even his children.
 I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure. I don't usually like religious novels- but Dan Brown has convinced me!
* You can find my review of Inferno here.


  1. Great review! So glad you liked it - my husband and I really enjoyed it, too - I need to pass it on to my son!

    As for the link, you can easily remove your review link from the kick-off list and add it to the review list - just run your cursor over your link and click the garbage can icon - then enter it in the correct place. No problem!

    Glad you are enjoying your Big Book Summer so far!


    2016 Big Book Summer Challenge

  2. Thanks! It was a really good book. I've removed the review link and put it in the correct place, thank you for the help!

    It really is a great challenge-it's lenient, and allows us to set our own rules. Thanks for hosting it!



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