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Monday, May 30, 2016

IMWAYR 30-05-2016

Hey guys! Hope you had a nice weekend! I'm back with another IMWAYR* post, so let's review my reading week.
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 I finished reading " A little love song" by Michelle Magorian. You can find the review here.  I enjoyed the book, its about a young girl living under the shadow of her older sister during the second world war.

 I also finished reading " While my sister sleeps" by Barbara Delinsky. IIt's a book revolving around a close-knit family and a terrible accident. Look out for a review of the book- maybe even later today.

I'm currently reading Inferno by Dan Brown. I'm reading it as a part of the Big Book Summer Challenge 2016.

I'm looking forward to starting " Almost French" by Sarah Turnbull as well. Its not very long, so I'm hoping to finish it within this week.
I'm not expecting to write a lot in my next IMWAYR post, because Inferno will probably take me a while to read- apart from being long, the writing is a little slow- but I'll attempt to read other books in between. Happy Reading !


  1. Your books are all new to me! I've added A Little Love Song, While My Sister Sleeps, and Almost French to my ever-growing To Read list! Have a great week of reading!

    1. They are good books!
      Happy reading to you too!

  2. I read Dan Brown's "Inferno" last year and didn't like it all that much. Hope you enjoy it more.

    1. I'm finding the book a little slow, but I hope that I'll enjoy it.


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