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Friday, May 27, 2016

A Little Love Song by Michelle Magorian

Publication Date: 1991
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance
My Goodreads Rating: 2/5
Source: Library Copy

I recently finished reading "A Little Love Song" by Michelle Magorian. Initially I wasn't too sure about the book, however, I enjoyed the story line and the contrast between the characters. The story, set in the English Country during the Second World War, is one of self-discovery, courage, love and friendship.
 The main character, Rose HighlyRobinson has come away to the town of Salmouth for vacations with her elder sister Diana. Their mother has gone away with an acting troupe for the summer who hope to entertain British and American soldiers around Europe.
 At the young ages of 21 and 17, the two sisters are left under the charge of Ms. Hutchinson for 3 months. As their caretaker is called away on duty at the factories, Roe (Nickname for Rose) and Diana take the brave decision to live on their own.

Diana is 21 years old. She attempts to take care of her sister, and is constantly fretting. Beautiful, smart and shy, she's almost the perfect woman. However, she finds love, and the ability to see beyond labels. She forms friendships that will no doubt last forever, and helps Rose see this value as well.
 Roe has always been overshadowed by her elder sister. Diana is beautiful, and smart too. She is the model girl. Roe on the other hand finds herself failing School Cert. and hating the rules that women must conform too. She feels that she will never find love or peace while her sister's around.
 She becomes friends with the owner of a Book Shop, and a lady in the village. Roe begins to understand the difficulties of life as an unmarried woman in those times, and uses this to fuel her writing.
 The story isn't one only of romance, but also of self-discovery. There are parts of the story that were boring, but as a whole I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It breaks the rules of society,  while using the past to explain how horrible society truly is.
 If you're looking for a quick, but sentimental and deep story, I'd definitely suggest this one. It's around 350 pages- and each page will contain something moving. Vivid characters, and graceful writing paired together create Magorian's "A little Love Song".

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