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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Lost City by Ronald Reddy

Hey Everyone! I'm back with an analysis of a poem- after a LONG time! Today, I'll be analyzing the imagery used in Ronald Reddy's "The Lost City". It's a simple read, but has an interesting theme and underlying message. Hope you enjoy!

"The Lost City" by Ronald Reddy is a vivid poem centered around the concept of Utopia. Unlike various other poets, Reddy uses a wide variety of stylistic and rhetoric devices to emphasize on the possibility of personal Utopia in our present lives. Phrases such as "shimmering like silver" truly do transport the reader into Reddy's own Utopia.
 The poet begins his poem with a realistic yet fantastical descriptions of dull items that have been beautified. The gravelly, cracked roads have been replaced with "Roads paved with gold". His use of subtle olfactory imagery seems to bring the second stanza alive, and stands out among all the other visual descriptions.
 Reddy does not rhyme his words, rather he uses rhetoric in his stanzas. He uses metaphors to compare emotions to locations and to present his general idea, however he does not use many similes. Reddy has replaced the regular statement of a stanza with thought-provoking questions. These questions, coupled with Reddy's use of imagery, create the essence of the poem.
 Unlike many poems, this poem has neither a defined character nor a defined setting. As the reader progresses through the stanzas, they realize that the setting is ever changing. The transition is barely noticeable until Reddy shocks the reader with sudden bursts of description. Phrases such as "fragrance of flowers" an alliteration, and "profound and unified" help to create a gentle, informal tone.
 However, as the third stanza approaches, his tone seems to be melancholic and accusatory at the same time. To a reader, the most prominent mood is that of optimism and relief. This is brought to life by the vivid descriptions Reddy uses to compliment his simplistic style.
 The use of colloquial language through the poem is very evident. Reddy asks the readers questions, and even refers to himself in the poem. Although there are some formal words in the descriptions, the poet usually writes in a modern form of speech, to emphasize his descriptions. The poet glorifies and ruminates over the concept of Utopia through his simple yet lively imagery. 

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