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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Paint me

ou would usually look at a string of words to try and find the meaning of the sentences  they form. However, I would like you to try and forget about the string of words on your screen. Find  the meaning of each word.Not the meaning of the sentence or the phrase, but the meaning of the word.Search for it, in your mind, and with each word, allow your brain to conjure up an image that you connect to whatever you are reading.Now obviouslyI do not expect you to read the whole post this way.I merely expect you to focus on words that you think are important, and let your inner eye paint.

   Yellow. Red. Orange. Pink. What do you associate these colors with? When I look at theses colors as individuals I think of: The sun, Anger,the Indian Flag, and Ribbon. But when I look at these colors as yellow,red,orange and pink I think of a sunset. A beautiful sunset, that looks like someone has smeared paint on a canvas made up of tiny fragments of our atmosphere. If I attempted to write that last sentence in any other way, it would probably sound very weird[ at least to me]. Because when I write, I choose to think of not just the sentences and paragraphs in my work, but each word. I like to extract as much beauty from each word that I'm writing as possible, giving my writing a personal touch. When I see something pretty, my mind tells me to paint. But I don't require colors to paint. I require words. 
  This post, was a kind of introductory post. I haven't actually painted anything except the way I write for you today. But in a new post soon, I will be painting this beautiful picture for you.

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  1. That's a very nice and different way of looking at words...


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