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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Willing and Capable

Willing to plunge into ice-water,
Watering my empty seed,
Sowing seeds of forgiveness,
Capable of forgiving life

Willing to race across fire,
Flaming, my heart will beat,
Constant beats of joy,
Capable of giving life happiness

Willing to fly among smoke,
Choked, my lungs will try to breathe,
Breathe out my expressions,
Capable of giving life meaning

Willing to pound through wood,
My wooden, numb arms moving,
Rudimentary human movements,
Capable of giving life purpose

Willing to burn and freeze
If only it would offer a purpose,
A meaning, a hidden value

Capable of destruction,
If only it would offer a happiness,
A forgiving nature
To all of what was expressed

1 comment:

  1. ok I know I've said this before! BUT this one is my favorite! I think it's because you keep outdoing yourself! "Capable of destruction, If only it would offer a happiness" WOW WOW. I'm not kidding you it gave me goose bumps in a good way. Sometimes that is what it takes to break through. plunge into iced-water, race across fire.. or total destruction. LOVE THIS POEM!!!


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