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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hoped and Dreamed

We dreamed, when we were kids,
Of a love, Of a life
We hoped, that when we grew,
We'd have a fair chance
At success, At life

We dreamed, when we were teenagers,
Of truths, that were concealed
We hoped, that when we grew,
We'd have a fair chance,
At integrity, at truth

We tried, when we were in between,
To have a fair life, a truthful one
We hoped, that someday
We'd be better, we'd be stronger

We dreamed, as adolescents
Of world, we could believe in
We hoped that if we worked,
We'd have a fair chance,
In a world that was ours

We tried, when we were so lost,
To have a compass, a moral one
We hoped, that someday 
Our world'd be lively not murderous

We dreamed, when were sorrowful,
Indignant at the world,
Of a humane place for us to grow,
For us to learn in

We hoped, when we couldn't act,
Of a power, of a protest
To help us, make it possible,
For us to live, a better life

We tried, when we had hopes,
To achieve them, for all the world
We hoped, that someday
Our world'd be clean, and safe

We hoped, we dreamed
As kids, and as future leaders
We know, our mission, 
Is impossible, unbelievable

We'll try to make it better,
Piece by piece, In a hopeless world,
We'll try not to dream,
But to work for a chance at life

We know, that our dreams
May never, be a reality
We believe, that we're capable
Of being a spark, inspiring a movement
Giving us all, a chance at life

-Poem Fanatic


  1. Love this. So perfect with all that is going on in the world right now.

    1. I felt compelled to write something about the issues in our world- but I couldn't pick which issue!

  2. Beautiful! I think my favorite so far! SO REAL! But at the same time so ephemeral and inspiring. My favorite line: "We'd have a fair chance, At integrity, at truth" Yes, I think we all dreamed of that


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