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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winds Down the Streets

Winding down the streets,
A Young Girl, 
Unruffled by the Breeze,
Untroubled by her speed,
Undeterred by the size of the lane.

Undisturbed by the color,
Of her bike or her hair,
Unperturbed by the stains,
On her shoes or her shirt,
A Young Girl, 
Winds Down the Streets.

Untouched by the insanity,
Of her elders or her juniors,
Undisturbed by the chaos,
In her town and home,
A Young Girl,
Winds Down the Streets.

A Young Girl,
Winds Down the Streets,
Unaware of her image,
Unconscious of the crowds,
True to herself.

-Poem Fanatic 

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