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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Publication Date: February 7th 2012
Genre: Post-apocalyptic, Dystopia, Young Adult
My Goodreads Rating: 2/5
Source: Borrowed

Hello Everyone! I'm back with another book review- I know it's been a very long time since I uploaded one. I recently finished reading Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. This is a book for fans of Divergent, Hunger Games, Matched or any other post-apocalyptic dystopian books about futuristic societies. I can't say I loved this book, but I didn't dislike it either.

 Delirium the first book in a trilogy that follows the life of a 17 year old girl living in Portland, Maine. Lena lives in a society where love is categorized as the disease of Amor Deliria Nervosa. All citizens go through a procedure when they're eighteen to cure them of possibilities of the disease. Before the surgery, interaction between boys and girls is strictly forbidden, and there are laws enforced to ensure the prevention of the disease.
 Cured Citizens tend to be poised, sophisticated and elegant. However, they also seem to lose their sense of fun. Lena has looked forward to her procedure for years, until her best friend and running partner, Hana, starts planting seeds of doubt in her mind. Soon before her procedure, a group of "Invalids" (uncured citizens who live in the forests- and who are technically not supposed to exist), stage a riot of sorts.
  To add to this doubt, Lena starts falling for a boy- who claims that he's cured, and even has the triangular scar on his neck to prove it. The book revolves around Lena and her lover, but I found that the plot was quite predictable. It's possible however, that this was just because of the large amount of futuristic books I have read.
 I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in Young Adult Fiction as a light read. Don't give up on the trilogy though- because you'll be shocked by the second book! The  book isn't great... but the series is really interesting!

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