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Friday, April 15, 2016

Be one of two

Two lovers share a heart,
Two friends share a joke,

Two parents share a child
Two daughters share a smile

Two leaves share a branch,
Two drops of rain share a cloud,
Two eggs share a nest

But two cannot share a home,
Nor can two share some food,
For one is in need,
And the other's unaware

For those two to share,
A message is to be spread.

Share your love,
Share your jokes,
Share your smiles,
Share some space in your nest,
Extend the olive branch

One can be the foundation of two,
Two people that share,
Follow the trees,
Follow the birds,
Follow the clouds,

Be one of the two,
Be the one who wants to share

- Poetic Fanatic


  1. Hi, nice thoughts, and good to see you back after a while.


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