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Monday, April 25, 2016

I've dreamed a world

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this poem that was written by me- and another poem fanatic for an event in school- based on Utopia.

They are those that surround you,
But in the hour of need,
They will look right past you,
They are those who will recognize the pain in your eyes
But they will look away and ignore you

I’ve dreamed a world,
Where they are different
They look through your skin,
They see your personality,
And feel your emotion

I’ve dreamed a world,
Where nothing’s black or white,
They understand the kaleidoscope of colors,
 Celebrate and mourn with you.

It is the use of weapons for senseless destructions
It stems from fury and chaos
Its horrors will haunt you for a lifetime,
And tear apart the lives of millions of others

I’ve dreamed a world,
Where it’s just a memory
A stronger one,
Has taken its place

One that stems from and nurtures,
Serenity and order
One that lets the dove fly,
Rather than keeping it trapped in a cage

I’ve dreamed a world,
Where knowledge is ubiquitous,
Valued by every individual
And it makes up the elements of my world.

I’ve dreamed  a world,
To help conceal reality,
To shield me from evil,
I’ve dreamed of a world

-Poem fanatic and another friend!


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