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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My day- In a special way

Do you ever allow yourself to just sit and ponder? It's a trick that really just helps me focus, and realize things that I would usually think of as unimportant. At my school, we follow the I.B. Program[ International Baccalaureate]. We also have an International Global Citizen's Award, the headquarters of which is in Geneva.
 This I.G.C.A. Program allows us to become better global citizens by asking us to reflect on the events that we feel have made us better people. We also have to do a community and service[ C&S] project for a minimum of 8 hours[ Bronze Award]. Our improvement throughout the year is observed, and depending on how sincere we are, we either receive or don't receive the award. This award program has got me into the habit of reflecting often, even if it isn't always for the award. This is a poem I wrote about pondering and reflecting.

I've been waiting,
waiting for the end of the day,
So I can sit back and relax,
And think about my ways

I'll think about how I became taller,
I'll think about how I became shorter,
I'll think about my day,
In my own very special way

I'll think about how I feel,
About what I did,
I'll think about my day,
In my own very special way

And most importantly,
I'll think about myself,
I'll think about my day,
In my own very special way.

- Poetic Fanatic

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  1. Wow - this is terrific - please keep collecting these for publishing at some point...


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