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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mrs. Burne

I wrote this poem with help from a friend two years ago, as we attempted to create a scene for a play in a drama workshop.

Mrs. Burne
On a misty day,
In the himalayan hills,
Mrs. Burne sate by the windowsill.

"I want to go for a walk,"
She told her cook,
Picked up her coat,
And left with one last look.

As she was walking on the hills,
She realized she forgot to take her pills!
She fainted there,
and when she woke up,
She longed for a warm coffee cup.

A traveler soon walked by,
Waved her hand, and said "Hi!"
As the traveler walked on,
She met two girls,
Who kindly asked,
"Have you seen Mrs. Burne?"

"Was she the one wearing white?
I'm very sorry I have poor eyesight".
Then in her head struck a light,
She was the one struggling for life!

"We must go and rescue her now!"
" But how shal we climb? How, how how?"
The girls said " We'll climb as one"
Come on ,come on it'll be great fun!"

They found Mrs. Burne and took her home,
And that's the end to our beautiful poem!

Hope you enjoyed the poem. I enjoyed writing it with my friend.
- Poetic Fanatic

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