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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Realize the Despondence

Realize the Despondence

Sorrowful melodies ricochet off the ears,
Of the tone-deaf slaves
Whose brittle bones and skins of dust,
Blend into the soil they sow

Gorgeous scenes never reach the eyes,
Of the colour-blind slaves,
Whose work shades their eyes
From the beauty of their world

Detritus that is art,
Screeches that are music,
Remain unrealized by the slaves

Subject to a life of labour,
Exploited into believing that they work voluntarily,
Returning home to a tedium of family and biased information,
The slave remains trapped in their cell

To change their lives, I would like
From an acceptance of monotony,
To a realization of despondence

To visit their hearts, I would like,
Realize their despondence,
And carry it with me

To open their eyes, I would like,
To the magnificence of a scene,
In all its spectacular glory

To change their despondence,
To an embrace of culture,
I would hope to accomplish

To let them see, in a world of death,
The beauty of their presence,
Their exquisite ability to influence,
The detritus into art,
The screeches into music
And the despondence into joy

-Poem Fanatic

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  1. Haven't seen your posts too much lately. But glad to see this one pop up. What a great poem! Thanks for sharing!


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