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Sunday, February 14, 2016


A land rid of phobias,
Would be the norm in my Utopia,

No trees are felled,
Neither thoughts nor opinions quelled,
The land is safe,
It’s one that’s lacking any waifs

Everybody has a home,
 And nothing is in monochrome,
If terrorists didn’t exist,
That would be my eternal bliss

Racism is a thing of the past,
There is no prejudice related to castes,
Equality is the rule,
There’s no way that you can be cruel

Happiness prevails
No need for untruthful tales,
The quality of everything would be divine,
On the land of my “cloud nine”

Everybody would be nice,
In my heavenly paradise

Poem Fanatic


  1. Nice thoughts, very well-written!

  2. Thank You! I prefer the thoughts more than the writing- but the post is one more positive thing in a sea of negative things!


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