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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Challenging myself - 2016

Hello! I know it's time for another Saturday Snapshot,but I had a little trouble with my images. So, I'm going to substitute the post for a book-related post. As you know, this year, I took part in two book challenges. I participated in the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge, and in Bookbybook's Big Book Summer Challenge.
 I read 8 big books this summer, and have surpassed my goal of reading 50 books for my Goodreads reading challenge.I am currently reading my 82nd book. Next year, I hope to set a goal of reading 100 books. I also hope to participate in the Big Book Summer Challenge again.
  I hope to read a few more classics next year. I haven't read many this year, and hope to improve that. I haven't found good 2016 challenges revolving around classics, so I'm simply setting my own goal. This year, I had a dismal record of reading only one classic- Anne of Green Gables. I am targeting to read between 5-10 Classics in 2016.
 I'm also not that good with reading memoirs, autobiographies, biographies- namely non-fiction books. This year, I read only two I read " Popular" by Maya Van- Wagenen, "The Diary of A Young Girl- Anne Frank". I am currently reading "Dressed to Kill" by Charlotte Madisson, which is also a memoir. I'm aiming for 5 next year.
 I'm also aiming to read young adult books. I've read quite a few this year, way too many for me to list here. I'm aiming for 25 Young adult books. All of these books will count for my Goodreads Challenge. If I meet all my goals, then I'll have around 40 books, and will have enough time to read some more good books.
  Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to update you on these challenges. Hope that you'll challenge yourself next year, and try and read some more books than usual. If you don't want to specify the types of books you read, I suggest you try the Goodreads challenge. You can set your own target, and any book of any genre counts. All you need to do is update your account every time you finish a book!

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