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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A broken mirror

While I was drinking water the other day, I realized that the water ( when turned to an angle), made a shimmery line that looked like a mirror. Although it didn't reflect very much, it really did look like glass. This poem is based on the concept of a mirror that we think doesn't work. A mirror that shows us the blank voids we are turning into. This poem is inspired by the writing of another blogger, along with the mirror in my water. You can find this blogger at

I cannot see myself anymore,
I can't find myself either,
I don't know what  I am,
I have a broken mirror

My heart doesn't show me,
What I have become,
It shows me someone else,
Someone who belongs where I was from

I recognize the girl in my heart,
But not the one in my glass,
 For my piece of glass shows no one,
It only shows me trash

My mirror is broken I think,
For I know who I am,
I see myself clearly
I see myself in my art

My art is what I have left,
But it wasn't mine to start with
It was the impressions of other art,
that got into my heart

So what am I now?
And is my mirror broken?
Or is it my mind and heart,
That are completely out of focus?

I was a girl,
I still am,
That's where the similarities end
I am no longer what I was before,
I am no longer my best friend

My mirror must be just glass,
Probably always was,
I'll buy another one tomorrow,
Just to be sure

But when I lie down,
I won't have a way out
For I'll forever know,
That the mirror wasn't broken

It was me who had been shredded,
Torn, beat, and broken.
But I had gone through it by choice,
Now I am ever so different,
I don't recognize my voice


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