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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The secret ring

While on our holiday in Spain, my family and I visited a small seaside town called Cadaques. The town had a Mediterranean feel to it, as all the houses were white, and there were small rock beaches. There was also a ring that I saw whilst there. I like to think of it as a secret ring.

The secret ring
A ring of azure,
over a cerulean base,
gifted by the gods,
to the seas of Cadaques.

A beautiful ring,
That Mediterranean Cadaques,
wears on her finger,
It is this ring,
that pronounces her engagement,
To the rest of the world.

This secret ring,
that shows itself once in a blue moon,
that shows us,
that Mother Mediterranean,
is there for us.
The "secret ring" was most probably formed by alga lying on the sea's surface. Cadaques is a beautiful town, and is great for a day visit. I hope you enjoy my imaginative poems. I only write imaginative poems occasionally, but it's fun to write them.

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